Therapro MEDIceuticals shampoo, scalp treatments are an advanced anti thinning hair system to stop hair loss and promote healthy, thicker hair growth. Therapro products work to:

- Treat the Scalp & Cleanse the Hair
- Treat & Condition the Hair
- Energize the Hair Follicles

Therapro shampoo and topical treatments incorporate modern pharmaceutical technology with proven traditional medicines to create a hair loss treatment for both men and women.
Hair Vitamins for Healthy Hair Growth
Therapro has made a point to promote healthy hair growth from inside out with Hair Gain vitamins. These specially formulated hair loss vitamins can help reduce thinning hair by infusing the body with nutrients it needs to create thicker hair growth. More >
Thinning Hair in Women
Therapro MEDIceuticals has developed several products specifically geared towards the special needs of women with thinning hair. With products for both checmically treated hair, and normal hair Therapro shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatments for women. More >

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